Working with others can be hard

We differ in our motivations and personal identities, how we prefer to communicate, our needs for structure or autonomy, our personal habits, and our values and principles. While diversity makes teams stronger, it can also make day-to-day meetings, work groups, and project management challenging. 


Sadie trains team members in tools of inquiry – what questions they need to ask to understand an issue, how to challenge their perspectives, and how to remain focused on facts. Based on this foundation, Sadie introduces methods to describe, measure, and analyze themselves and their teams as systems, and facilitates experiences to identify strength and problem areas and opportunities for increased alignment with organizational purpose, outcomes, and processes.


Whether you’re a disruptive startup, a leading corporate brand, or an innovative individual leader, Sadie guides you to identify purpose, align values, develop individual and organizational adaptive capacity, and improve communication and collaboration.

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These three integrated services  help people work together more effectively at purpose-driven organizations, bridging boundaries of age, experience, expertise, background, leadership style, and ideology.

Results that count

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Sadie has a unique ability to ask the hard questions while creating a safe environment, all in service of developing stronger leaders and more powerful teams. Her thought-provoking analysis and relevant advice drive you and your teams to be the best you can be.
— Ali Rubin | Senior Vice President, Axios

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