Arley Baker

Deputy Executive Director of Corporate Communications

Port of Los Angeles

Sadie's an expert at identifying areas where professionals, as individuals, can strengthen their footing and break away from habits or behaviors that may cloud their objectivity and judgement.  We are all creatures of habit, and that often means that we aren't the best we can be in our professional relationships.  Sadie can surface those negative traits in individuals and provide constructive solutions that help move people to a higher level of engagement and understanding.

Kerry Morrison

Executive Director

Hollywood Property Owners Alliance

I’ve seen Dr. Moore in action with Coro Fellows and she is able to tap into the knowledge and expertise in the group by asking questions and playing provocateur.  This helps the group build their problem solving muscles.  Though they may not realize it, they have the expertise.  She is gifted in bringing the talents in the group to the surface.


Senior Vice President


Sadie has an unique ability to ask the hard questions while creating a safe environment all in service of developing stronger leaders and more powerful teams. Her thought-provoking analysis, and relevant advice, drives you, and your teams, to be the best you can be.

Nella McOsker

Associate Director

High Lantern Group

Sadie has a remarkable capacity to make you question everything you thought you knew, strive to be unbiased and unclouded in your thinking, see the interlocking relationships and systems that surround you, and challenge others with intensity and respect. Her training is not for the feckless or the finger-pointers, it's for those who seek to be better leaders and better collaborators, those who are willing to put in the work for more lasting solutions. It's transformative and thought-provoking even years after her last lesson.

Ellen Riotto

Executive Director

South Park Business Improvement District

Working with Sadie enabled me to identify how I approach my professional life through the lenses of team work, communication, leadership, efficiency, time management, accountability, project development, and more. Some of these areas play to my strengths, and some represent challenges. Sadie's training gave me the skills to know how to work through the challenge areas and use my strengths to the benefit of the team or project as a whole.

Albin Gielicz

Marketing Director

YogaWorks, Inc.

Sadie is a force to reckon with.  She actually makes you think and act, even to the point of discomfort, rather than give you the answer right away.  As a talented anthropologist, she knows how to inspire behavior change so that it sticks and becomes a habit. Her approach to coaching is long term, and years after training with her, I still use the tools she provided.  She is skilled at making one think beyond his/her proverbial comfort zone so that a meaningful and memorable experience is had.

Sadie approaches both group and individual coaching fearlessly. She creates an honest, authentic environment that challenges you (and your group) to recognize your assumptions and reinterpret your actions. It changes the way you think about yourself, the way you work with others, and the way you interact with the world — not just in the moment, but forever.

Annie dear


Social Finance

You don't know what "critical thinking"  and "self-awareness" mean until you work with Sadie. Sadie helps trainees break down their own deeply rooted biases and assumptions through self-examination to create adaptive, clear minded, status quo challenging leaders. She then equips these leaders with the mentality needed to operate within complex systems and work across multiple interest groups.

Scott Silviera

Senior Associate

High Lantern Group

Sadie has mastered the art of helping individuals and teams see through the noise, confront their challenges, and realize their potential. She is a fair and empathetic coach, and when you work with her, you benefit from a trusted partner who can help you navigate the uncomfortable and build understanding, resilience, and self-awareness. This isn’t prescriptive or one-size-fits-all coaching. Sadie has the magical ability to encourage real epiphanies about how you make decisions and relate to others, and then teach you how to apply that knowledge to group dynamics and your personal and professional life. If you or your team is struggling with collaboration, facing change, or reaching a plateau, Sadie is the answer. 

Helen Pollock Wolfe

Director of Communications


Bridget Bones

California Program Coordinator

Teach Plus

Sadie challenged me to think critically about complex social problems and to go further in my analysis of public affairs than I ever had before. Not only did she catalyze immense professional growth, but she created a training environment that allowed me to take ownership of my own learning. I have confidence that her training equipped me with the skills and abilities to more fully understand people, systems, and effective models of leadership.

Sean Holiday

Middle School Principal

Sadie Moore is transformational. She is incredibly skilled at identifying one's strengths and areas of growth, and for asking the kinds of questions that foster genuine reflection. She pushes individuals beyond their pre-conceived limits, and guides teams toward confronting challenges and achieving shared goals. Her ability to see through the clutter and identify high-leverage areas of focus is unparalleled.

Sadie keeps an unassuming presence in a room when she's doing her best work, but don't be fooled -- she's instilling lessons in self-awareness, intention and leadership you'll think you came to on your own. What you'll realize later is that she's silently coached you to question everything, then handed you a tool kit to find the answers yourself. You will learn to see systems for all their moving parts; understand bias, motivation and power; and overall come to see yourself and others much more holistically. This makes for effective individuals who can learn how to take on work in any group setting.

Priscilla Hsu

Project and Team Lead

Nolan Borgman

Metro Fellow/ Transportation Planner

LA Metro's Office of Extraordinary Innovation

After nine months working with Dr. Moore, there are certain things I can't unsee, like when actions don't align with espoused values or processes move without purpose. Without specifically telling me anything, she taught me how to challenge my assumptions, ask questions, understand systems, and move ideas from ambiguity to implementation. I am deeply grateful for the impact her coaching has had on the way I approach my work.

Despite countless group projects in high school and college, no one ever taught me how to effectively work in a group until I met Dr. Moore. Now I make my living bringing together teams from across departments and disciplines to evaluate and implement the best ideas the transportation industry has to offer. Most professionals deal with people, processes, and goals every day -- Dr. Moore helped me understand them in a new light.

My ability to enter new environments, understand multiple dimensions of context, and facilitate the movement of people and processes towards outcomes is my professional x-factor. I wouldn't have recognized this strength nor developed it if it weren't for the coaching of Dr. Moore.

Dr. Moore erased some of my deepest biases and exposed me to angles and insights I never thought possible. She gave me tools to open my world and the courage to use them.

Dr. Moore's training helped me get more out of my curiosity. She gave me tools to tear down my monoliths and expose my blind spots, and she gave me the adaptive capacity to never stop building foundations in their place.

Estrella Lucero

Program Associate

Equality California

Prior to working with Sadie, I had never been a part of a team or program that values and actively practices honest feedback. Not only does Sadie have an instinctive ability to deliver the constructive criticism that a team needs to hear in order to work more effectively, she also armed us with the tools necessary to deliver feedback to each other.

Sadie does not prescribe solutions to a group. Rather, she equipped our team with various analytical and decision-making tools and allowed us to try, fail, and try again until we discovered what processes work best for us to be an effective unit.  

Sadie understands how effective change and meaningful impact starts with having a clear and in depth understanding of the whole, the parts, and how they influence each other. Her tools, models, and approaches are highly effective in any sector or situation, and made working with others to create meaningful impact an enriching and rather enjoyable process.



UC Berkeley Law School

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