Every team can use a reset – a time to step back, reflect, and clarify long and short-term goals.  Retreats offer a space to dig into issues that are important but are often pushed to the back burner when day-to-day tasks seem more urgent.  Effective retreats leave team members with a renewed sense of clarity around priorities, decision-making strategies, and working together in sync toward a common purpose.

 Whether you are planning a half-day or full-weekend staff retreat, Sadie works with you to set goals for your team and develop a robust agenda to maximize your time together. All retreats are custom-designed and, if appropriate, include individual staff conversations prior to the retreat, curated pre-retreat readings, and follow up.

After conversations about your current team needs, Sadie works with your team to:

·             Reflect on where you’ve been and where you’d like to go

·             Clarify team purpose, structure, processes, and culture, and identify areas that need intervention

·             Analyze your successes and look for patterns in where your team is thriving

·             Understand where your team is merely surviving and create strategies to boost purpose and performance

·             Dig into areas where your team is struggling, identify any elephants, and develop strategies to support team members

·             Give and receive effective feedback

·             Develop a set of tools that can be applied immediately to organize projects and run effective meetings

·             Bond as a team, getting to know each other through experiential workshops and fun activities

·             Clarify and align purpose, values, and behavior

·             Understand each other’s work, communication and leadership styles and how to make them complementary